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The Domain and Realms National Site

"There's magick in believing..."

The Realm



Named for the long winters that are indicative of the region, Snowdonia is the first of the three Founding Realms of the Domain. It is in Snowdonia that the Domain was born.

Comprised of the Upper Peninsula of the American state of Michigan, Snowdonia is a land of forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, and places of power. Surrounded by three of the Inland Seas, there are ley lines, hidden places, mythical beings, ghosts, and old gods that walk unseen in the sea of forests that is the Realm.

Not intending its name to have any connection to Mount Snowdon and its environs in Wales, the First Realm has wonders all its own: most of which are ever hidden within the folds of the forests that blanket it. Among many attributes, it is the land to go to if one wants to disappear for awhile.

Places of Interest, Power, and Enchantment

Mount Arvon

       Mount Arvon, with an elevation 1,979 feet (603 m), is located in L'Anse Township, Baraga County, and is the highest natural point in the U.S. state of Michigan. Mount Arvon is part of the Huron Mountains. It rises about eight miles (13 km) south of Lake Superior (elevation 591 feet [180 m]). On the list of highest natural points in each U.S. state, Mount Arvon ranks 38th.

       Mount Arvon is a few miles from Mount Curwood, which for years had been designated as Michigan's highest spot until a resurvey in 1982 with modern technology determined that Mount Arvon is 1 foot (0.30 m) taller than Mount Curwood.

       (from Wikipedia)

Isle Royale

       Isle Royale (/ˈrɔɪəl/, ROY-əl)[1] is an island of the Great Lakes located in the northwest of Lake Superior and part of the U.S. state of Michigan. The island and the 450 surrounding smaller islands and waters make up Isle Royale National Park.

       Isle Royale is 45 miles (72 km) long and 9 miles (14 km) wide, with an area of 206.73 square miles (535.4 km2), making it the fourth-largest lake island in the world. In addition, it is the largest natural island in Lake Superior, the second-largest island in the Great Lakes (after Manitoulin Island), the third-largest in the contiguous United States (after Long Island and Padre Island), and the 33rd-largest island in the United States.

       Isle Royale is defined by the United States Census Bureau as Census Tract 9603 of Keweenaw County, Michigan (a county found in the state's Upper Peninsula). As of the 2000 census there was no permanent population on Isle Royale. After the island was made a national park, some existing residents were allowed to stay, and a few leases are still in effect.

       (From Wikipedia)

The Porcupine Mountains

       The Porcupine Mountains, or Porkies, are a group of small mountains spanning the northwestern Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Ontonagon and Gogebic counties, near the shore of Lake Superior. The Porcupine Mountains were named by the native Ojibwa people, supposedly because their silhouette had the shape of a crouching porcupine. They are home to the most extensive stand of old growth northern hardwood forest in North America west of the Adirondack Mountains, spanning at least 31,000 acres (13,000 ha). The area is popular among tourists, especially Lake of the Clouds in the heart of the mountains, and is part of Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park.

       (From Wikipedia)

Date Founded: December 21, 2001

Demonym: Snowdonian

Population(current): 1

Ruler: Imperial administration

House(s): None currently

Flag: The Snow in the Trees - Individual and unique snowflakes on a field of green, representing the forests that the Realm is identified for, and the long winters that also mark the Realm.

Anthem: "Winter Snow", by Audrey Assad and Chris Tomlin

Provinces:  Lake of the Clouds (Ontonagon and Gogebic Counties), Iron Mountain (Iron, Dickinson, and Menominee Counties), the Scarred Lands (Marquette, Alger, Delta, and Schoolcraft Counties), Mackinac (Luce, Chippewa, and Mackinac Counties)

Royal District: None currently

Royal Court: None currently

Royal Home: None currently